About me

Thank you so much for stopping by @ The Satori.

My name is Sheta Mittal and I am a wellness enthusiast. Over the years I have scanned the internet, watched numerous videos and experimented everyday to figure out what advice works and more importantly how to make the information easy and relevant.

This blog is an effort to share with you my continuous learnings across healthy food recipes, fitness exercise routines and living a more conscious lifestyle.

I was a closed door, studious kid growing up. I barely participated in any physical activity relegating it to be a waste of time for the intellectual mind geared towards the single minded task of solving complex problems across books and test papers.

Something changed in me when I was forced to go for a run as part of undergraduate hazing. It felt liberating! I haven’t stopped running ever since. These days, I love the thrill of new workout routines and obsessed with focused exercises that help specific body parts as you start realising that you cant take your body for granted anymore. Being 30 is real!

My journey with food is equally amusing. I was a good child growing up, ready to eat almost all vegetables , as again food was just a medium to build energy to solve those complex maths problems. But, I hated getting into the kitchen.

One summer because of my Mom’s operation, I had to step into the kitchen and cook the daily meals. It was so thrilling to watch the action of vegetables turning into delicious meal and know exactly what I was eating. Now no matter how busy I am, how late I get back from work, I still make the effort to take a break, get into the kitchen, and whip up a meal that I know follows my food rules. In the process, I have perfected the under 15min, one pot wholesome meals!

In the end, no matter which blog you follow, What is most important is to develop the skill to listen to our own body, to develop the patience to stop and connect with the world. Watch the impact of our own actions. Life is not to be lived for the next day, but for a lifetime (s). Thats Satori.

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