You need it! A little corner in the house

House was an integral part of human civilization. They anchored settlement by providing protection from wild animals and weather elements. Their development over the years is not only a reflection of human advancement, but also our desires, fears and connection with the world.

Houses in the past would be intricately designed. Each family member’s room would take into account their specific needs and tastes. Houses overall would be very scientifically designed taking into account directional energy, magnetic forces, weather patterns, soil structure amongst others. But nowadays we just move into a house – most likely built by a sq ft optimizing builder – caring about nothing more than convenience to work / play and monthly rent.

There is a reason why most people feel the need to escape their own house and go to some other place to feel relaxed and unleash their creativity. Sometimes we are able to successfully find that alternative space and get our desired spot but sometimes the space is closed / too crowded / relocated / too far to travel when lazy!

Isn’t it bizarre that when we setup our homes, the basic needs include “space for food”  “space to sleep” and even “space for hosting guests”. Very often we consciously think about and allocate “space for my creativity” “space for my relaxation” “space for me”.

It doesn’t have to be a full room. It just needs to be corner dedicated for you. And then decorate it with inspiring art and writings so that when you are in the space you are reminded of the purpose of the room, a desire to enter in and ease into the space

I have a dedicated room in my house with a study table and white board to work on new ideas, book shelves and bean bags to read by books, inspiring flying bird painting that says to me “soar high” with a dreamcatcher on it that says “keep dreaming” and a yoga mat for daily exercise. Since this space is in my house, whenever I am in the room or passing by, it reminds me of things I want to do and should do. It has helped build a routine. And when sometimes life isn’t going as well, its my corner of escape and positive energy.

So, build your own little corner in your house! It works miracles!


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