Those tiny little Chia Seeds

Its summer time! Long days and hot weather here in Shanghai has kept me indoors, which has lead to a lot of reading lately. I am trying to average a sustainable pace of one book a month, squeezing in half an hour every night before I go to sleep and weekend mornings. Now after finishing every book if I can take away just even one thing which I remember for more than a couple of days, one thing that shifts the way I think, one think that is inspiring, that’s when I feel the book has jumped on my 5Star reading category.

Last week I finished reading “Born to Run”. Its a fantastically informative, even seemingly fiction like tale of these secluded ultra marathoners from South America, who ditch NIKEs, run in mere sandals, while beating some of the fastest runners on the planet a race deep down in the canyons of “”

The book shifted my perspective on the history of human running, calling out that “Humans are born to be super long distance runners. Before hunting tools were invented, we would run an animal to death for food”, But the biggest thing I took away was this magic potion that our gang of secret runners in South America were drinking.

Described in the book as “a gooyee thing” that the author hesitated but then gulped down in the middle of his 20+ mile run, giving him instant energy, more than any other energy bar he has ever had! Further investigation by the author reveals that made as a concoction of honey, lime, chia seeds and water, this is what the local runners were swearing by as a pre and during run drink of choice…

Intrigued as I had never heard of this chia seed drink before, I did my own research and then experimented on myself. I have been soaking and drinking this potion everyday when I get back from work and voila. This thing is great! Loaded with Vitamin C, Glucose, protein, this is a power packed drink that gets made in seconds! Why is this such a secret recipe! I am going to taste test this with as many people as I can and couldn’t wait to write about it!

Give it a shot! Mix one tea spoon chia seeds in one cup of water, let it soak for a 1-4hrs, add a juice of one lime and 1 table spoon honey. Give it a BIG mix and serve!


Cheers to Great things that come in small tiny packets!

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